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Historični seminar 5 (2006)

The volume brings a wide selection of articles based on the presented lectures, ranging from the fields of historical anthropology, ethnology, musicology, and cultural and political history. Slovenian and other prominent scholars present their recent, innovative and important research findings and achievements. In many cases they offer new perspectives and present new approaches of contemporary scientific research in humanities and related fields.
With the fifth volume of the selected lectures the printed version of the series comes to an end, to be replaced by a more widely accessible free electronic version.

Editor(s): Vojislav Likar, Petra Svoljšak in Peter Weiss
Content: HS-5.pdf
ZRC Publishing: http://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/index.php?q=sl/node/588

Mediterranean Myths from Classical Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century (2006)

The volume contains a selection of pluridisciplinary scholarly articles concerned with a comparative examination of themes which constitute common Mediterranean cultural heritage. They were for the most part presented at the international scientific meeting organised by the Historical Seminar in October 2004. Thirteen articles published here cover the period from the times of Ancient Greece, when the so called Mediterranean myths were born, to the 18th century, when these myths were largely used in literature and arts. The interests of the majority of authors converge on the common mythological subjects, especially those connected to the myth of the Argonauts and the legendary voyages of the ship Argo carrying many of the world-wide known Greek heroes. It is not by chance, that the myth of the Argonauts was chosen for a kind of a fil rouge of the present volume, as it is also closely connected with the local history of some of the Slovenian towns, such as Ljubljana (Emona) and Vrhnika (Nauportus), according to the 18th century historians founded by Jason and his Argonauts. The articles are organised thematically as well as chronologically. The introductory contribution and the two concluding articles are directly concerned with the presence of the Myth of the Argonauts with the cultural heritage of today’s Slovenia. They contain also some new interpretations and discussions of yet unknown documents that will enlarge the knowledge of Slovenian and international scholars in the field.
The texts are in English, German and Italian languages with summaries in Slovenian.

Editor(s): Metoda Kokole, Barbara Murovec, Marjeta Šašel Kos in Michael Talbot
Content: MM.pdf
ZRC Publishing: http://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/index.php?q=sl/node/392

Historični seminar 4

The volume includes articles that were, in the form of lectures, presented between 2000 and 2003. The selected texts are classified into thematic groups according to the subjects they cover: from the socio-historical themes, linguistics, aesthetics, to music. It embraces closeness and remoteness – geographically and historically – and any kind of social and cultural relations in which we live, through which we are shaped, and about which we can think and read in this issue of the journal.

Editor(s): Metoda Kokole, Vojislav Likar in Peter Weiss
Content: HS-4.pdf
ZRC Publishing: http://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/index.php?q=sl/node/240

Historični seminar 3

The volume is focused mainly on specific chapters from cultural and historical sciences, which are directly applicable to Slovenian ethnic area. There is for example a contribution on the Counts of Celje, an article on the recent findings on the worthy noble family of Auersperg from Turjak, a relation on the founding documents of Benedictine monastery in Gornji Grad, presentation of the travel diaries by Benedikt Kuripečič, etc. Within the volume you can read also articles on certain aspects of Slovenian emigration, and in addition, it contains articles from the fields of literary sciences and musicology, rounded up by an article on the famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Editor(s): Metoda Kokole, Vojislav Likar in Peter Weiss
Content: HS-3.pdf
ZRC Publishing: http://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/index.php?q=sl/node/239

Historični seminar 2 – GLASOVI

On the fifth anniversary of the series of Historical Seminar, came out the second published volume. It contains selected lectures with a wide spectrum of – sometimes unjustly overlooked – themes and original viewpoints. Lectures that were exposed to the public through Pot na grmado (The way to the stake), were enriched with opinions and comments of other experts and the public, and in this issue they are offered in the form of articles – clear voices speaking about south Slavic myths, the potatoes, ideologies and personal life, Christmas trees, witch’s Sabbath, Baroque music and the newly found world’s oldest bone whistle. The sound of Voices (=Glasovi) in these articles strongly affirms the fact that all these subjects call for scientific interpretation.

Editor(s): Oto Luthar in Vojislav Likar
Content: HS-2.pdf
ZRC Publishing: http://zalozba.zrc-sazu.si/index.php?q=sl/node/497

Historični seminar 1 – Pot na grmado (The way to the stake)

Historical Seminar was born from a desire for professional debates.
Historical Seminar tries to break the solitude of writing professional debates.
Historical Seminar is one little step above “utopia”.
Historical Seminar was at the time of publishing its first journal two years old.
The publication Historični seminar was born from the utopian “way to the stake”, from which it saved articles of fourteen Slovenian and foreign scholars, lecturers at the Historical Seminar: historians, ethnologists and sociologists, thus saving them from falling into oblivion. The authors presented various issues: from women and witches to the history of Slovenian lands, from holy wars to microhistory stories … A positively different reading.

Editor(s): Oto Luthar in Vojislav Likar
Content: HS-1.pdf
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