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The Historical Seminar

Historical seminar of the Scientific Research Centre, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, active since 1992, is an international, multidisciplinary series of public lectures, short scientific meetings and round tables, organized by the Coordination Board. It offers presentations of new, original and most relevant scientific findings and achievements from various fields of scientific research, primarily humanities and social sciences.

Apolon z Muzo (Frančišek Karel Remb)

In general, there is one lecture organised each month, except in the Summer (July and August). Lectures by the lecturers invited from Slovenia and abroad are intended to educate a wider professional public and stimulate contacts between Slovenian and foreign experts and researchers.

With the purpose of bringing the most notable research achievements closer to the wider professional public, twelve printed volumes on selected subjects, presented within the series, have been published since 1994. Since 2008, the monographs of the Historical seminar have regularly been published online as well.


Historical seminar
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