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Photo Gallery -- Season 2009 / 2010

Novi trg 4 in 5 HS ima zanimive publikacije Dr Milada Jonašova and Dr Metoda Kokole. The lecture on Mozart and Prag interested the public. Dr Janja Žitnik Serafin was lecturing on Luis Adamič.  Dr Marjan Drnovšek introduced the lecturer.
Dr Gabriela Kilianova Kilianova lecturing on Lieu de memoire as the site of ethnic contestation. Elena Kopylova Tulubayeva, MA European influences in Mexican music through works of Ricardo Castro. Dr Alfred Lameli  Dr Lameli lecturing on history and perspectives of digital cartography.
Dr Julijana Visočnik New knowledge on antique Celea intrigued rather large audience. Dr Klaus Ottomeyer lecturing on Haider's legacy. Dr Jurij Fikfak introduced the invited lecturer. Dr Muhamet Mustafa  The ambassador of republic of Kosovo in Slovenia visited Dr Mustafa’s lecture on challenges for economic development in Kosovo.
Daša Koprivec, MA, lecturing on aleksandrinke - Slovenian women in Egypt. Dr Kristina Toplak introducing the lecturer. Before the lecture on film music by Alexis Bennett, MA. Alexis Bennett, MA Dr David Krašovec lecturing on painting in Inner Austria between 1595 and 1610.  Dr Barbara Murovec introduced Dr Krašovec to the public.
Dr Dejan Zadravec A lot of people attended the Dr Zadravec's lecture on noblemen as recorded in parish registration books till 1700. Dr Zsuzsa Barbarics-Hermanik Dr Barbarics-Hermanik lecturing on transcultural communication between Habsburg Monarchy and Ottoman Empire. Gašper Cerkovnik lecturing on graphic art from the circle of Albrecht Dürer.  Dr Luka Vidmar introducing the lecturer.
Prof. Dr Haya Bar-Itzhak Dr Monika Kropej introducing the lecture on pioneers of Jewish ethnography in Eastern Europe.



foto: fotolab