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Photo Gallery -- Season 2010 / 2011

Novi trg 4 in 5 HS has interesting publications. Miha Seručnik Historian Miha Seručnik was lecturing about the use of Access in historiography. Dr Katarina Šter.  Minor formalities before the lecture. Dr Luka Vidmar introduced the lecturer.
Mojca Horvat Lecture on Klara Kukovec, first female physician in Trieste and Maribor. Jernej Habjan The focus of this lecture in literary history was on the case of Sherlock Holmes. Valentina Petaros Jaromela The lecturer talked about Divine comedy between tradition and translation.
Dr Patrizia Farinelli The lecture on original revaluations of fantastic in Italian prose in 20th century. Dr Norbert Dubowy Dr Metoda Kokole introduced the lecture on the opera piece Paris (1662). Andrej Lorenčič Lecture on Twenty years of 'capitalism with a human face' by Andrej Lorenčič.

foto: fotolab