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Instructions for the Authors


Typescripts should be written in MS Word format (font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1,5). The text should be submitted without styles (except bold and italics), and it should be aligned left. Graphical elements should not be included in the MS Word document. Instead, they should be submitted separately in the EPS, JPG, TIF or similar standard format with a minimum 300dpi/150lpi resolution (single colour print) or 350dpi/175lpi (standard colour print). The position of the graphics should be indicated in the text (e. g. Plate 1: Title). All the examples and illustrations must clearly indicate the name of the site, archive or library. Permissions for the publication of the copyright-protected material are to be obtained by the authors and are their responsibility.

Typescripts should normally be submitted to peer-review in 30 days after the lecture. The typescript length is limited to 
45.000 characters with spaces, including footnotes and bibliography list. Authors should also submit an abstract (maximum 50 words), summary (maximum 300 words) and key words(maximum 5 key words). Manuscripts should also contain the title, abstract, summary and key words in English (if the article is not in English) or in Slovene (if the article is in English). Authors are entirely responsible for the language of their contributions. Author’s data should be included (name and surname, academic title, profession, occupation and work-post, name and address of the institution, e-mail address). The text will be sent back to the author when the peer-review is finished; after that, the author should send the completed text back to the editor in three weeks.

The citation form should be as follows:

Quotations in the text should be given in double qoutes “ ”.

Footnotes should be uniform, i.e. authors should use footnotes (below the line at the end of the page) rather than notes within text or endnotes. Footnotes should include brief indications with the surname of the quoted author, abbreviated title of the quoted work and the page number(s) (e. g. Vodopivec, Od Pohlinove slovnice, p. 10). In the case of archival materials, standard abbreviations should be used for archives, after which abbreviations of the fond or collection, signature or file or box number and the number of archival unit or the document’s title should be added.

The examples of the citations in the footnotes for the units below are given below the line.

In the sources and bibliography list (the last part of the article), all sources and literature mentioned in the footnotes should be indicated alphabetically (after the surnames of the authors). Archival material, literature, newspapers, oral statements, music editions etc. should be indicated separately. Where necessary, the abbreviated indications from the footnotes should be explained.





Archival source:

[Authors should indicate: archive, fond or collection title, where applicable file or box number.]

AS 33 – Arhiv Republike Slovenije, Fond Deželna vlada v Ljubljani, 1861–1929.1

Österreichische Staatsarchiv, Allgemeines Verwaltungsarchiv, Ministerium des Innern, 36/4, box 1030 [box number], number 14779 [number of archival unit].2





Hempel, Sandra: The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera. Berkeley and Los Angeles : University of California Press, 2007.3


Journals – article:

Andersson, Jenny: Choosing Futures: Alva Myrdal and the Construction of Swedish Futures Studies, 1967–1972. International Review of Social History, 51, 2006, Nr. 2, pp. 277–295.4


Proceedings – article:

Melik, Vasilij: Volitve v avstrijsko delegacijo Avstro-Ogrske in Slovenci. Otorepčev zbornik (ed. Darja Mihelič). Ljubljana : Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2005, pp. 411–415. 5





Berry, Mary: Carthusian monks. Grove Music Online (accessed October 5, 2008), ‹›.6


1  AS 33, box 3 [box number], document 4 [document number].

2  ÖSA, AVA, Min. des Innern, 36/4, box 30, number 14779.

3  Hempel, The Strange Case, p. 321.

4  Andersson, Alva Myrdal, pp. 282–289.

5  Melik, Volitve v avstrijsko delegacijo, p. 413.

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